The BMNVD is the hottest, newest, and best dual tube goggle system available,
and can be had with,or without gain control


Standard Accessories: BMNVD with Tube/System Data Sheet, Bridge
Assembly, Two Monocular Assemblies, Two Monocular Powerpacks, Custom
Padded Soft Carry Case, IR Spot/Flood Lens, Operator’s Card, Lens Caps,
Neckcord, Eyecups, Weapon Mount, Shuttered Eyeguard, Wilcox Dovetail J-
Arm, Demist Shields, Sacrificial Windows, Lens Tissue, and 2 Each CR123
The Binocular/Monocular Night Vision Device (BMNVD) is a revolutionary new concept which
combines all the best features of a monocular and binocular device into one fully functional
night vision product.

Prior to the BMNVD, most bridge type designs attempted to combine two independent
monocular systems into a bridge in order to make them into a binocular. This required the
use of two fully functioning monocular systems such as two PVS-14s. Although this concept
worked, there are drawbacks to this method, some of which are serious. These include an
inability to collimate the binocular system and being extremely heavy due to the redundancy
of having dual batteries, circuit boards and large amounts of plastic housing material which
is required by each monocular, but would otherwise be unneeded in a true binocular design.

The BMNVD overcomes these issues by attaching two monocular housings to the bridge.
These monoculars then draw all power directly from the bridge. When a monocular is needed
to be used individually, you simply press a button, slide the monocular off the bridge, and
then slide the power pack onto the monocular housing, which converts the monocular
housing into a fully functional standalone night vision monocular which can be hand held,
head, helmet, or weapon mounted, using the same adapters and mounts as the AN/PVS-14.
The dis-assembly and reassembly process from Binocular to monocular can be completed in
less than one minute.

The BMNVDG incorporates Gain Control. Each monocular has an independent gain control
knob to allow the user to adjust the tube brightness (gain) lower to compensate for overly
bright conditions or to increase the gain under extreme dark conditions. The gain can be
adjusted when used as a binocular or as two individual monoculars

The BMNVDG utilizes MIL SPEC AN/PVS-14 optics and accessories, which makes for a truly
affordable high quality system. Two PVS-14s can be easily converted into a BMNVDG, which
will allow the 14s to still be utilized for every application that the AN/PVS-14 does, and will
also allow them to be used as a true dual tube goggle, which is lightweight, fully collimated
and nitrogen purged

The BMNVDG operates on a CR-123 battery and is available without gain control. Each piece
can be purchased separately or together as a kit. Please call or text 734-755-9532 if you have
any questions or need additional information.