The Binocular Night Vision Device with Gain Control (BNVD-G) is a brand new dual tube night vision
goggle which offers outstanding depth perception and is now enhanced with Gain Control. Each
eyepiece has its own gain control knob to allow the user to adjust the tube brightness (gain) lower to
compensate for overly bright condtions or to increase the gain under extreme dark conditions. The
user can also lower the gain in one eye so that when the binoculars are removed one eye is more
dark adapted.

The BNVD-G utilizes MIL SPEC optics and can be used with head and helmet mounting options from
the AN/PVS-7B/D, AN/PVS-14, AN/PVS-7A/C, AN/PVS-15 and AN/PVS-18. Switching from one
mounting system to another can be accomplished by the end user within minutes.

Power for the BNVD-G is supplied via one AA battery for up to 30 hours of continuous use. The
system is also fully submersible up to 66 feet.

The BNVD-G also uses standard AN/PVS-7B/D and PVS-14 parts and accessories for simplified
in-the-field supportability. These parts include demist shields, sacrificial windows, LIFs, lens caps,
eyecups, neckcord, soft case, head or helmet mount, IR spot/flood lens, 3X magnifiers & compass
BNVD Available Accessories
Dual tube goggles
offer the best depth
perception and the
shortest learning
curve of any nv
device, The BNVD will
simply astound you
with the quality,
performance, and
durability, These Dual
tube units are the best
available, Much better
than Dual Mum units,
which cannot be
colimated like the
BNVD, or even the
anvis goggles

Compatible with Most Head/Helmet
mounting systems
Gain control knobs for each eye
Low Battery Indicator
Single AA battery usage
Two Year Warranty
Compatible with Gen II Tubes
Nitrogen Purged
High Light Cut-off
Fully Collimated
Submersible to 66 feet
BNVD Shown from the side to demonstrate the
compact size, and standard mounting configuration
BNVDG-P+  With Gain Control

High Performance BNVD with Gain Control
and Standard Accessories  
BNVD-P+  NO Gain Control

GEN III High Performance w/Select A Plus
Hand Selected Tubes and Standard


GEN III Pinnacle Autogated Tubes and
Standard Accessories           
Each Unit Includes:

Tube/System Data Sheet, Soft Carry Case, 7D Headmount, Lg. Med. & Small
Browpads, Operators Manual, Neckcord, Obj & EP Lens Caps, Eyecups, Demist Shields, Sacrificial Windows,
IR Spot/Flood Lens Assembly, Compass Assembly, Lens Tissue, Lithium AA Battery, and Dovetail
Mounting Adapter.

Optional Accessories:

3X Magnifier, 5X Magnifier, Light Interference Filters (LIF for DOD users only),
Helmet Mount PASGT (PVS-14/7D P/N A3256368-1), MICH Adapter (P/N 274424), Shuttered Eyeguards
(P/N A3256345), Camera Adapter Kit, Dovetail Style PASGT Helmet Mount (P/N 241960-001), Dovetail
Style SPH-5CG Visor Mount (P/N 241959-100), Dovetail Style Full Cushion Flip-Up Facemask (P/N
241638-001), Dovetail Style Underwater 4-Pad Flip-Up Facemask Assembly (P/N 241088-001), and
Dovetail Style Facemask Assembly Flip-Up (P/N 240459-001).
All units use autogated tubes, in matched pairs
The BNVD can be had with,
or without gain control