Setup and Operation
WolverineTechnologies LLC
wvo/wmo Centrifuge
Setup and operation of the Wolverine Technologies LLC Centrifuge is very easy, and
should only take a few minutes to get set up and ready to run, On our fist models we
simply used 3/8 automotive fuel hoses from an auto parts store to transfer the fluids,
one from the heated oil source to the top of the unit labeled A in the picture,
one for the clean oil salvage which will dump into a drum for storage or use labeled C,
and one for dirty oil from the bowl upon shutdown which is labeled B

The bottom of the unit has 2 hose locations, the hose location closest to the electric
motor which is labeled B is the bowl drain oil, the hose location furthest away from the
motor is for the clean oil, which is labeled C

The optimum setup would be for a person to set up the unit with 2 55 gallon or larger
drums, one for dirty oils, and the second for clean oil capture from the machine.

The Wolverine Technologies LLC Centrifuge is made to run for extended time periods,
running for 24 hours should not be an issue, the machine only needs to be shut down
for cleaning of the bowl

The Machine is warrantied for 2 years, we will repair or replace parts at our discretion if
the need arises

It is important to remember that the lid is steel, as is the body, overtightening the lid
can cut the seal in half, tighten the lid bolts gently, just enough to contact the rubber
seal, i use a small wrench about 2 inches long, and just snug the bolts down while
inspecting the lid seal to lid contact to be sure the lid is touching the seal, we have
replacement seal available if you need one

Below we will show pictures and diagrams to help you in the setup, feel free to contact
us with any questions
Our centrifuge will filter nearly all of the
contaminants, debris, and gunk out of
you waste oils, down to sizes as small
as 1/2 micron, the cleanliness of the
oils you process will depend upon the
temperature of the oil, and the flow
rate of the oil through the machine, I
like to run our machines at 10-12
gallons per hour with waste motor oil,
and up to 25 with veggie oils, the
longer the oil is processed the cleaner
it will be.

You can process oil at 20 gallons per
hour with this machine easily, and it
needs to be shut down only to clean
the bowl.

You can see the general layout of the
machine to the left, heated dirty oil is
added through the WMO inlet tube and
is processed, our machine makes
more than 1200 times the gravitational
force of the earth, and clean oil exits
through the clean oil drain into your
storage containers or fuel tanks.
The picture to the right shows how simple and
primitive you can be in your setup of the Wolverine
Technologies Centrifuge, definitely so simple a
Neanderthal can do it.

The black buckets to the right are where the oil was
stored, the orange cord is going to a 120V Ac hot
water heating element for a hot water tank, we had a
volt meter which has a temp probe on it to monitor
the temperature, once the oil hit 140 we turned on
the machine and opened the flow valves, and off it
went, making fuel at 12 gph

The bowl drain was connected to a plastic coffee can
to catch oil when the machine shut down and self

The clean oil hose was connected to a 5 gallon water
jug, the machine worked perfectly, we did more than
50 gallons this way, very quick and easy
The object in the picture labeled A was an inline heater, it failed within a couple minutes, so do not even bother with them, they
are not a very good option, It is much better to heat the whole oil container, you can use a barrel heater which wraps a barrel, or
an internal, submersible heating element, or even make your own like we did from a water heater element, you can use a switch
to control the temperature of the oil in your drum, once again a water heater part will work fine, we can get you part numbers of
the items you will need at your local hardware store, you should be able to build your own heater for less than 50 dollars easily

Below we have a diagram of the more professional and more desirable setup for operating and cleaning a lot of oil fast, with a
setup like this you could add 55 gallons of used oils and hit the switch, come back a few hours later and have a whole drum full of
free fuel to run your furnaces, or vehicles, no baby sitters required!