Wolverine Technologies LLC has been doing research and development of the Cherokee Laser Aiming Module for years, and
are happy to say that we have a great product, and are continuing to develop the Cherokee, and Apache models to suit the end
users, Our goal is to provide the Civilian, and Military customer with the most rugged, water resistant, safe, legal, and reliable
laser aiming device on the market, and to do so at a cost which is below the competitors, we warranty our laser products for life,
the warranty is transferrable to any owner.

The cherokee laser mounts with any quality one inch scope ring!, no expensive mounts needed, we use the warne quick release
mount, which can be purchased from us for 25 dollars

The Cherokee LAM is machined from a
solid aluminum bar, 6061 T6 aircraft
aluminum will provide for a very light, and
extremely strong unit, this solid machining,
and a sturdy mount are the foundation that
we build on to make a very accurate laser
product, one which does not move during
recoil, or get damaged from abuse

Lower and to the left you can see the
"blanks" that the Cherokee LAM is
machined from, this is done in house
Below we have linked for your convienience the literature for the Cherokee LAM, Just click the picture for a larger one, feel free
to browse around, email us if you have questions, comments, or requests, please be sure to read the Laser safety page, the link
is in the navigation bar on the left side of this page, please use the laser products you buy and operate in a safe manner
We Do Not Charge Shipping on these laser products, the
price you see on this site is the price you pay
Day Laser/Red
$299 Shipped
<5mw 650 NM/Class IIIA
Not restricted for civilian use
IR laser for Night Vision Use
$325 Shipped
<1mw 840 NM Class 1 Eyesafe
Not restricted for civilian use
Tailcap Included
Night Laser/IR/600+ Yard range
$325 Shipped
<5mw 850 NM/Class IIIB
Restricted, MIL/LEO
Tailcap Included
Night Laser/IR/2000+Yard Range
$650 Shipped
<30mw 850 NM/Class IIIB
Restricted, MIL/LEO
Tailcap Included
Night Laser/IR/1000+ Yard Range
$450 Shipped
<10mw 850 NM/Class IIIB
Restricted, MIL/LEO
Tailcap Included
Night Laser/IR/Extended Range/Miles
$999 Shipped
<100mw 850 NM/Class IIIB
Restricted, MIL/LEO
Tailcap Included

Cherokee Laser Aiming Module
Military Use Laser Aiming Modules
Black cherokee 8507 (civilian legal) IR laser with cord switch
mounted on an AR15 Rifle

Billet Aluminium Construction
US Made
Holds Zero
Shock and moisture resistant
Lifetime Warranty
Tailcap with remote pressure switch included
Cover for arperture/lens included for safety
Weapons mountable
Runs on 1 CR 123 Battery
Mounts with any std 1 inch scope ring to piccatinney or
weaver rail
O-Ring Sealed Tailcap to keep out water
O-Ring Sealed Lens
Did we mention AFFORDABLE!
Mount sold seperately