Introducing the all new DSNVG Monocular

A nice blend of 2 night vision technologies all in one small light package, dual sensors, it uses standard third gen
image intensifier technology as well as thermal imaging technology and blends them together for an outstanding,
simply amazing view, you can see better than thermal with the added benefit of an image intensifier, and you can
see better than standard Night Vision with the additional thermal sensor, this is the latest military technology now
available to Federal, and State agencies, and the military only, this is an issued item to the US Military,
Manufactured by ITT Defense
View from standard Gen 3 nv unit

Monocular System and mount
$21,520.00 Shipped

Monocular System Only
$19,995.00 Shipped

Mount system only Fits Mich/Ach Helmets
$1,825.00 Shipped
The ITT DSNVG, Dual Sensor Night Vision Goggle is the first optically fused monocular which combines both an image
intensified tube and infrared (IR) microbolometer into one compact unit. The DSNVG monocular is approximately the same
size as the AN/PVS-14. The DSNVG utilizes a separate battery pack which provides power for both helmet-mounted and
hand-held use. The DSNVG can be mounted on the MICH/ACH helmet and will provide: flip-up, tilt, fore/aft adjustment;
left/right eye use; and quick disconnect from the helmet.

The DSNVG is in production to provide fusion (via optical overlay) of I² and IR imagery, to provide the user with the
following benefits:

1. Greater situational awareness due to improved threat detection under most battlefield environments; compatible with
traditional weapon system ranges.

2. Expanded viewing capability from high-light conditions to total darkness (no light) and through battlefield obscurants.
Increases capability for urban operations.

3. Improved wearing comfort due to better weight balance resulting in less fatigue.

4. Easy-to-use controls similar to proven AN/PVS-14.

5. Non-exit pupil forming eyepiece allows the soldier to maintain full field of view even as helmet shifts during vigorous
physical movements.

- Generation III Pinnacle ITT Tube

- First Optically Fused Monocular

- Greater Situational Awareness

- Easy-to-use Controls

- Two Year Warranty
DSNVG Sales Policy