Wolverine Technologies is proud
to release our new
for military trucks, 12 Volt and 24
Volt output simultaneously!

It can be fitted to any of the military
2.5 ton, 5 ton, Stewart and
Stevenson LMTV 2.5 and 5 ton
trucks as well as many other
military vehicles

Can be adapted to just about any
military vehicle
The benefits of having a dual voltage system on a military truck are tremendous, 24 volt for running the
essential systems on the vehicle, as well as the added benefit of having a 12 volt system to run anything else
your heart desires, such as lights, winches, radio equipment,pumps, and a whole host of other available

The issue is that the military dual voltage units are very expensive, ($4200 new) with hard to find parts, and
the reliability has been questioned, but for the cost of a repaired, or used dual voltage military alternator you
can get a brand new, warrantied unit, made right here in the  USA!
The Benefits of the Wolverine Technologies DVA are as follows:

Low initial cost compared to the $4200 dollar price tag on a military unit


Higher output than the military versions which are limited to a total of 100 amps output, 50 at 24V and 50 at
12V, while our units can be had with much more output, but come standard with 80+ amps 24 Volt, and 185+
amps of 12 Volt Power!

The DVA can be configured with an output of up to 440 Amps!!!!!!

High Reliability

An alternator failure will result in losing only one voltage output, not both, for instance, a 12 volt failure would
still leave an operating 24 volt system, a 24 volt failure would leave the 12 volt system still in operational

Easily Repairable with common hand tools and a digital multimeter

Low cost of replacement parts

WARRANTIED for 2 years

Live Tech Support for installation or troubleshooting questions.

Easily found parts across the US and around the world

Can be set up for MANY military vehicles, such as the M35, M35A2, M35A3, M109, M36, All 800 Series Military
trucks with the cummins 250 engine, such as the older 5 ton trucks, M923A1, M923A2, M925A1, M925A2,
M931A1, M931A2, M939A1, M939A2, LMTV vehicles made by Stewart and Stevenson which can be 2.5 or 5 ton
variants, HMMWV, HEMTT, you name it, we can fit this unit into your vehicle

Power output can be had in many variations, including:

12Volt 180 Amp/24Volt 80 Amp

12Volt 220 Amp/24Volt 80 Amp

24Volt 80 Amp/24Volt 80 Amp

12Volt 220 Amp/12Volt 220 Amp

We can configure them in any combination of 6, 12, and 24 volt

The DVA comes with all required brackets to install into your vehicle, we can also supply the wiring harness
to install on your truck which did not originally come with a dual voltage system.

The DVA is PERFECT for fire department, forestry, emergency, towing and recovery, as well and enthusiasts

The DVA eliminates the need for a dual alternator system by replacing it with one compact, high power unit,
this leaves the room required for additional systems, such as pumps, or air conditioning compressors!
Retail Price $1499.00,
Less than the cost of an
unreliable rebuilt unit

Shipping will begin in June

Now Taking Orders at the
special introductory price
of $1199.00

Call 734-755-9532
Pre-Production Prototype shown in image above,
production unit will differ in appearance slightly