Manufacturer: FLIR Government Systems
• 320 x 240 Resolution
• Digital Zoom
• Lightweight
• Simple Operation
• Multi-Use Capability
• Reliable Battery Life
• Remote Operation
• Full MIL Spec Standards

The Recon M24 is a lightweight and rugged duty
thermal pocket scope. With a 320 x 240
resolution, and the option of a 640 x 480 core, the
thermal viewer has a 2x and 4x digital zoom. The
unit runs on two 3V CR123 batteries for over
three hours. With a standard 24° x 18°, the Recon
M24 can be used either as a handheld thermal
viewer or mounted on a tripod. Image polarity
comes in white hot or black hot.

Ships With: Carry bag, manual and spare batteries.
The Flir RECON M24 is a full
MILSPEC hand held thermal
monocular, very rugged, very
reliable, very simple controls,
digital zoom, a long warranty,
and prices starting at $5880.00!