Laser Devices Inc, Daylight, and Night Vision Compatible Laser Aiming units for firearms
In use by the US and other Military Forces
We stock the Civilian Legal IR Laser units
Laser Devices’ NEW Class I Infrared Laser Pointers are now available for commercial purchase.

Designed with the same cutting-edge technology and quality MIL-SPEC housings as our high powered military devices,
these NEW 'Eye-Safe' lasers are powered with a Class I infrared pointer for use with night vision devices.

agencies that engage in CQB work. These lasers feature a ≈0.7MW power output which is lower than the standard 5mW+
IR lasers used by Warfighters. The Class I lasers are eye-safe, won't harm the public and lower the potential for frivolous
lawsuits while still maintaining the operational range required by law enforcement personnel during night and training
IIIa visible RED or GREEN laser pointer
and a Class I infrared laser pointer.

Built to perform under the most
rigorous conditions and survive the
harshest environments, the DBAL-I2
allows users to seamlessly transition
from day light maneuvers to low light
operations with ease.
The EOLAD-1I combines the power
laser pointer with the speed and
proven effectiveness of the L-3
EOTech 552 Holographic Weapon
Sight (HWS).
This unbeatable combination provides
lightning fast target acquisition and
delivers impeccable shooting accuracy
during any circumstance.

* Choice of
Visible Red Pointer (<5mW) or
Eye Safe IR Pointer (≈0.7mW)


* Choice of
Visible Red Pointer (<5mW) or
Eye Safe IR Pointer (≈0.7mW)
Rugged and compact, the ITAL- and
OTAL-Classic lasers are used by
military and law enforcement agencies

ITAL-Classics mount on flat top rifles
with a cropped front sight. The laser
aligns with the center of barrel.

OTAL-Classics mount behind the front
sight on M-4 style rifles and the laser is
offset to project around the front sight.
Choose IR                                           RED Day use

OTAL Classic
$589.00 Shipped
Choose IR                                           RED Day Use
EOLAD $1175.00 Shipped

Choose IR                                     Red Day use Laser

IR/and Red                                    IR and Green