We now have alternator upgrade/replacement kits
We have two kits for the M923/M925 trucks, one for the double grove
pulley (A1 Model) and one for the trucks with the serpentine belt pulley
(A2 Model)

The kits run $255.00 shipped to your door

call 734-755-9532 or email us to order
Are you tired of replacing the alternator on your 5 ton truck with
another military unit which fails over and out constantly leaving your
truck stranded?

We have the answer for you, the ultimate fix, more power, excellent
reliability, low cost, and a more durable alternator can be had for $255
shipped to your door!

A drop in kit using the same belt, comes with the pulley and all of the
brackets needed, can be installed in 15 minutes and be up and running
We have 2 Tan Alternators available, These were over runs for an
order made for a Govt Agency. These alternators are coated inside
and out to resist corrosion, They look great, Power output is 24 Volts
DC, and 85 Amps, Get yours now, We have only 2 available

We have in stock 1 for the M923A1 series trucks (double V Belt
Cummins Engine)

We have in stock, 1 for the M923A2 Series trucks (serpentine Belt
8.3L cummins Engine)

The cost of these alternators is $299.00 Shipped inside of the US