orange anti tilt follower, standard 30rd capacity

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All of our AR15 magazines are
made in the USA by Americans,
and guaranteed for fit and function
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Black or Grey Teflon coating

magazines have the snap-on Orange anti-tilt


$20.00 shipped
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Aluminum ASC MFG, 223/556 AR15, Grey Teflon
milspec coating with grey anti tilt follower, standard
30rd capacity
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30rd capacity, These are very nice made magazines

$17.00 Shipped!

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AR15, Grey with black anti tilt follower, 30
round capacity, Type 3 Hardcoat Anodized
finish, similar in appearance to a surefire
light, these are probably the best mags out
there right now, Milspec, Made in USA

$20.00 Shipped!