Milspec PVS-14 Parts
Milspec PVS-7 Parts
Milspec Raptor & Talon Parts
Here at Wolverine Technologies LLC we sell ONLY Milspec parts for all of our
nightvision equipment, and all of our complete units are Milspec, this means when
you purchase a part, or system from us you can be sure that you have the same
part, or system that the US Govt gets for the troops on the battle field, the very
latest military technology, Our image intensifier tubes are also the latest
technology, we only sell pinnacle autogated tubes, and all of our units have only
pinnacle autogated tubes, we do not charge extra for the best parts, Here at
Wolverine Technologies the best parts available are our standard
Milspec ANVS-9 Parts
International Sales of Night Vision
Equipment and Parts is Strictly Prohibited

Wolverine Technologies LLC Does Not Export Night Vision Parts, or Equipment, International customers who are
seeking exportation are directed to contact the maker of out night vision products (ITT) directly, our  products are
sold only to us residents, and are not intended for exportation, Exportation means shipping any night vision, or
night vision parts to areas outside of the borders of the continental US, we reserve the right to refuse sales to those
who we think may be attempting to violate these laws.

We appreciate your business, and look forward to providing you with all of your night vision needs, We also strongly
encourage purchasers to take all possible actions to secure and prevent the sale of equipment to users outside of
the US, We have troops who are counting on us to protect them from harm which may be caused by illegal export of
military technology, we simply cannot have sensitive military technology being used against our own troops.

ITT Sales reps for international sales can be found at the website listed below

Export of ITT Night Vision products is strictly regulated by the U.S .Department of State in accordance with the
guidelines of "International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)" per Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts

Thank You
God Bless America