Purchase any component and we will install it for free, Thats right, no charge  this
includes a professional cleaning and nitrogen purging of the unit
Here at Wolverine Technologies we sell ONLY Milspec parts for all of our
nightvision equipment, and all of our complete units are Milspec, this means when
you purchase a part, or system from us you can be sure that you have the same
part, or system that the US Govt gets for the troops on the battle field, the very
latest military technology, Our image intensifier tubes are also the latest
technology, we only sell pinnacle autogated tubes, and all of our units have only
pinnacle autogated tubes, we do not charge extra for the best parts, Here at
Wolverine Technologies the best parts available are our standard
Milspec PVS-7 Parts
PVS-7 Delta Kit

This in an entire kit for the PVS-7D Goggle, It contains all parts
needed to build a Mil spec Goggle less the image tube, this kit
comes with the manual, headgear, sacrificial lens, rubber daylight
cover, and neck cord
PVS-7D Rear Cover
PVS-7D Demist Shield X2
PVS-7D Body O-Ring
PVS-7D Sacrificial Lens
PVS-7 Eyecup
PVS-7D Objective Lens Assy
PVS-7D Light Interference Filter/Extremely rare
PVS-7D Objective O-Ring
PVS-7D Collimator
PVS-7D Objective Lens Cover
PVS-7D Neck Cord
PVS-7D Battery Cover
PVS-7D Image Tube
PVS-7D Spot/Flood lens
PVS-7D Complete Wired Body Assy
PVS-7D Eyepiece O-Ring