We make the largest, most economical, easiest to use, and most user serviceable centrifuges available,
custom built for you, we make these in different colors

Made of welded steel, runs on 110, or 220 volts AC, the rotor is machined from a solid billet of aluminum

stop by and see my setup, I drive my diesel truck for free!!!

Sturdy Construction
Made in the USA
All steel welded housing
Housing can safely contain any mechanical failure inside of the unit for safety
10 inch CNC Machined Billet Aircraft Aluminum Rotor (not weak cast porous like others on the market)
3450 RPM electric motor
Designed to be a "Single Pass" machine, you only run the oil through the fuge one time!
Direct Drive rotor for accurate speed, no belts/pulleys
brass flow control valve
1600 G's of force, most fuges are around 1200
120VAC power requirement, can be converted to 220VAC easily
Size approximately 18 inch dia, X 22 inch high
waterproof power switch with safety lockout
Auto Drain Feature upon shutdown of the machine
cleaning rate of machine is between 8-25 gallons per hour depending upon oil being processed
Boxed weight 75 lbs
User Serviceable, no special parts required to maintain or repair the machine, most parts can be found at your
local hardware store, including the motor
Make WMO fuel, WVO fuel, SVO, or Biodiesel fuel

Your Cost $920 Shipped

These things work very well, you can call  to speak to a technician about installation and operation