Centrifuge, and Centrifuge Parts from Wolverine Technologies LLC

Make your own biodiesel, or wmo fuel now!

We have complete centrifuge units available for sale, we only manufacture these units with a larger bowl,
from now on all of the units will have the large bowl, and a larger body diameter for an even more efficient
machine which can produce more wvo, or biodiesel at a faster rate, the small unit pictured has been tested
and is for sale now, the centrifuges we make are manufactured from 1/8 thick plate steel, all welded
construction, with or without the automatic bowl drain feature, built to last, sturdy, and will last a lifetime,
these centrifuges are inexpensive to purchase, and have a 1 year warranty on the motor, the housing has
a lifetime guarantee

The Wolverine Technologies LLC WVO/WMO centrifuge is made around a billet aircraft aluminum slug, cnc
machined to tight tolerances for a true running, vibration free operation, you can easily process 1000's of
gallons of fuel with this unit
Click the picture below for information on
setup and operation of your centrifuge
Ready to Run, Plug and Play Centrifuge
$920.00 Shipped, some discounts may apply
New Late Model centrifuge body, We made a few of these in 8-9 inch,
but All units are now shipping as 10 inch units, features new lid
design, more steel, more tough!, 1/8 inch thick all US made steel
construction, lifetime guarantee on the housing!, machine height is 19
inches, and 16 inches in diameter, If you order a new fuge this is what
you get, we have some different colors available, If a special color is
needed just let us know and we will see what we can do for you
10 inch "huge" Fuge, Complete Turn Key Unit!
13 Inch G-Force MONSTER FUGE
On Sale Now!  $1399.00 Shipped

New  G-Force "Monster Fuge" centrifuge, Turn Key Unit, Ready to run!

Height 20 inches Tall

Diameter 18 Inches

Weight  80LBS

Rotor Diameter  13 Inches

Horse Power 3/4

3500 + RPM Speed

Self Draining

There are none bigger, or better, this is a true high speed centrifuge
unit, with a whopping 13 inch diameter rotor for unheard of G-Forces,
we are talking extremely well purification of fuels due to the large
diameter bowl, G-Force, and huge capacity of the rotor, this all nets
you the capability of processing hundreds of gallons daily!

Self draining upon shutdown, may be set up to shut down
automatically, there is simply no better system out there with more
power, more capability, or more force, not one, we are unmatched!

All Steel housing, US Made, Processes Massive amounts of
WVO/WMO Fuel, Single Pass, Different colors available, comes with
input control valve, output hose, drain hose, This is a complete and
ready to run unit!
also our standard (larger than everyone else's) centrifuge from steel also, spinning rotors with high weight and
flowing flammable fluids can make for a horrible mess if things go awry, and if that ever were to happen in one of
the aluminum bodied centrifuges on the market, well, you would be in for a mess, and a dangerous one, our
centrifuges are unlike any others on the market as they are designed to contain an explosion if it were to occur,
this is serious business, and we do not play when it comes to our safety or yours, have fun maing fuels, and have
peace of mind knowing you are safe!
Free shipping is included for centrifuges purchased and shipped inside of the continental United States Only,
centrifuges are built and are shipped as available, due to machining of parts some delays may be expected