We now have available for installation on your "deuce", 2.5 ton trucks a
set of NEW, not used, HEMTT wheels, these are 2 piece wheels which are
extremely heavy duty.

These hae been cnc machined to remove the 10 lug 5 ton bolt pattern,
then we laser cut and cnc machines very strong steel centers to fit the
wheels, these can be had in bolt in form, or bolt/weld in form, whichever
you prefer

Below and to the left you can see a picture of the wheel before painting
and final assembly, this was done to give you a clear view of the
construction of these just about indestructable wheels.....

Benefits of using these wheels are listed below....
Benefits of using these wheels:

Ease of changing a tire, you can swap out a tire on the train in less than 10
minutes......  no more boldily damage due to split ring wheels

Very durable, near indestructible wheels

No need for a 7th spare wheel, it is easy to just swap the tire on the wheel

Single wheels on the end of each axle make turning and tight
maneuvering much easier, and reduce tire wear, wheel hop, and rear
tandem binding

A tandem axle deuce truck can run tires which are much larger than the
standard 9.00-20 NDT tires, you will be able to run the 395-20, or the
15.5-20 tires, which are much larger, more aggressive tread, and radials

Running a larger diameter tire will make road speeds move up to as high
as 65 mph, or lower your rpm's at 55 mph to save wear and tear, and fuel
mileage on your truck...

The massive difference in off road ability is simply astounding when
running the larger radials on a 2.5 ton truck, your truck will be more
capable off road....  and have looks that kill
These wheels can be shipped by the
purchaser via uship cheaper than any
other means, sale price does not
reflect shipping